On February 21st, Women in Defense Central Florida Chapter (WID CFL) hosted its Annual Tech Tour.

We had the privilege of experiencing training in VirTra, the official simulator used by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Attendees were able to use standard-issue weapons, modified for simulation use while being presented use-of-force and de-escalation training scenarios. The scenarios represented intense, life-threatening situations that law enforcement officers encounter every day.

The VirTra simulator is a five-screen, 300-degree, immersive training environment. An Orange County Deputy runs the simulation and personally provides instruction and guidance throughout the training session.

They also conduct critical after-action reviews and debrief for every scenario executed. We certainly gained a greater appreciation of the extremely difficult situations public safety officers encounter.

A huge thank you to Orange County Deputy Julie Junco, and Sheriff John Mena for hosting us and answering our questions. Also a special thank you to Robert Ferris, CEO of VirTra for making a visit to join WID CFL for this event.

WID CFL also thanks to everyone who joined us. All proceeds from this event will benefit scholarships and initiatives for young women pursuing STEM education.